For those really looking to save time and money in building a new dwelling, you could go with an open source design by a boat-maker where one builds the roof and walls like turning the hull of a boat upside-down.

With this structure, you probably don’t have any amenities, but it could keep you dry and protect you from some of the elements and pests.

If you are sick of renting and lining the pockets of your landlord or bank, you might be willing to go for a simple structure. If freedom is more important to you than having the latest iPhone, this may be a path you wish to follow. One YouTuber with a channel called, DirtPatchHeaven says she and her husband have been able to get their expenses down to $530 a month. She rambles, but here it is:

If you’ve been checking out this website because you live near Orlando, Florida, it is possible that you’ve been attracted to this site because you pursued the American Dream with credit. You did everything the main stream media and commercials said and now you are living in debt, stress and you are ready for a change.

It is amazing how little you can live on if you become zen-like and just let go of trying to live the Hollywood lifestyle that has been indoctrinated into your brain.

The videos in this post are simply to get you to unplug and think of a new way of living. We applaud those that eliminate banks for mortgages and find a down to earth person that owns property and can sell it to you without a credit check and way less stress.

Focus on what matters, quit chasing the illusion at the expense of your sanity, health, spouse, family and love of life.