If you own a house free and clear, then you are an ideal seller to consider carrying the mortgage for the buyer. Essentially, you become the bank for the buyer and you’ll likely be able to sell the house quicker because getting qualified for conventional financing takes considerable time and paperwork.

With you being willing to finance the property for the buyer, you call the shots. If you want 20% down, ask for it. If you want to move it quicker and feel comfortable, you could lower that down payment to 10% or even lower. You’re in the driver’s seat. In fact, you can be as flexible or creative as you want.

Reasons You Would Want to Seller Finance a Home:

  1. You have control of the deal
  2. No waiting for loans that fall through after a lot of time has been invested in a deal
  3. You can make more money from the deal
  4. You can sell the home much faster
  5. You greatly increase the size of your market

Drawbacks of Owner Financing Real Estate for Buyers:

  1. The buyer could pay inconsistently and create stress for you
  2. The buyer could default
  3. The purchaser could not only default but also damage the property
  4. Foreclosure takes time and you could lose some money in the process
  5. The process of getting the house back could be emotionally stressful

The most common method of getting total control of your house again after someone defaults on an owner financed property is most typically called foreclosure. You have to follow you local laws to carry out a foreclosure properly and it usually takes a few months. Every location has similar laws in concept, but you have to follow the laws according to where the house is located. Consult a legal professional for details.

Creative Solution to Avoid the Foreclosure Process: Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Say the whole idea of going through all the proper steps of foreclosing on a buyer that doesn’t live up to the payment agreement, you have the legal power of foreclosure. Of course you could foreclose as most uneducated investment drones do, but there is a much faster way to get control of the property with little stress. In fact, the technique is so powerful and so simple, you might be surprised this option may be available to you.

Usually buyers of owner financed houses are more eager than people that go through the lengthy process of getting pre-qualified to buy a home because just the thought of applying for a commercial bank loan exhausts them or maybe they don’t have the best credit because of a divorce or other hardship. It doesn’t mean they won’t be ideal buyers, it just means they might be even more grateful that you’re offering to carry the note and mortgage rather than a cold institution. So, up front, explain that in case of default, you won’t be using foreclosure, but rather you’ll have a neutral party, usually a lawyer, hold the deed for you protection. If the buyer doesn’t pay, the lawyer can file the deed and you have your house back quickly in your control. It’s much faster than pursuing a foreclosure.


Always consult a qualified attorney, this post is simply to stimulate ideas.