You can go to the MLS to find FSBO (for sale by owner) properties. However, finding FSBO homes for sale is only half the battle if your credit is less than stellar and you have the hope of seller financing with no credit check and no banks, then you’ll also need owner financing.

One can contact all the available houses being sold by the owner and ask if they are willing to carry the note for a while, or you can go to where they are advertising. Say you have a solid income and you live below your means and you have just inherited some real estate that has no mortgage on it. You may see the sale or rental of the property as icing on the cake because you really don’t need that stream of income.

Most unsophisticated sellers that are willing to not only market their property by themselves, but also offer the buyer financing frequently turn to online classified sites like Craigslist or some form of online classified advertising. So, if you’re looking for a for sale by owner property where the current owner will carry the note and mortgage themselves, try classified ads online.