Rent to Own Your Dream Home with No Credit Check


What if you are having a hard time right now but are willing to work towards a steady payment plan so you can own your house through a rent to own program. You don’t have to wait, own your house now.

For many, the difference between lease to own vs rent to own is a gray area.

The terms lease and rent are often interchangeable in the every day world.

A lease agreement usually is a rental agreement with an extended amount of time defined in the arrangement. A lease agreement could be seen as a lease contract for a fixed block of time rather than a month to month contract. You’ll typically see lease agreements for a rental house, apartment or condo for 6 months to 12 months. So, for the lay person, you might see a lease agreement as a rental contract that has multiple months built in. Both the landlord and the renter enjoy the peace of knowing the agreement is over a block of time and not just a month to month arrangement.

In many counties on the United States, when a lease runs out, the county automatically defaults the agreement to a month to month rental contract where the landlord can request the tenant vacate the property in the next 30 days or the tenant can announce that they will be leaving the property in the next 30 days. The lease agreement becomes a month to month rental agreement upon expiration of the lease agreement.

A defacto rental agreement doesn’t have as much security over time, but they share many common elements.