7 Types of Owner Financing for Investors that Buyers Can Use Too


There are several creative financing options that are taught to real estate investors, that buyers could use as well. Consider the following options.

Seven Seller Financing Types:

  1. Buy a home subject to the existing financing
  2. Wrap-around mortgage
  3. Lease with option to buy
  4. Contract for deed
  5. Free and clear (owner owns property and can do anything they want because they are the bank)
  6. American dream (creative partnering on resources to make a deal)
  7. Home swapping (trade homes to make a deal)

There are even more ways to avoid banks and still buy real estate, often with nothing down and no credit check. So, if you wish to buy property as an owner for your family, why not use savvy real estate investor techniques to your advantage. Sometimes you can do a deal on a handshake if that’s the code of the owner.

How to Buy Real Estate With No Money Down and No Banks and No Credit Check


You’ve probably seen creative real estate investment gurus on TV selling their courses on how to buy a property with little or no money down and without qualifying for a commercial mortgage loan because it is true; you can!

In this 6 minute video tutorial, real estate investment trainer, Bill Bronchick, lawyer, lists several ways you can buy a home with little or no money down without getting a formal loan.

4 Strategies to Buy a House with Little or No Money Down

  1. Master lease with option
  2. Contract for deed or installment land contract
  3. Wrap-around mortgage or all inclusive trust deed
  4. Seller deeds out the property subject to the existing mortgage

The real estate strategies listed her are primarily from an investor’s perspective. For the regular home buyer, you could possibly make these strategies work for you as well.