Screw the Banks. Finance Your Home with No Credit Check and No Banks!


It’s nice to get a bank loan for 30 years, but many can’t qualify. With owner financing, you don’t need banks, you can buy a house today using mainstream conventional bank if you don’t have A+ credit and a huge downpayment.

If you recall the massive bailout banks received after the crash of 2008, under scrutiny, you’ll see that the banks were given billions and billions and billions of dollars which the taxpayers for generations will be held liable for. Even though banks betted against what they were recommending to their clients, thus violating their sacred fiduciary responsibility; Bush, Obama & Hillary looked the other way to keep ‘business as usual’.

The banks sold junk mortgages as AAA paper around the world, defrauding everyone. Since the politicians had taken bribes, they went quietly into the night and never prosecuted the criminal banks. Banks are above the law as are politicians.

You think this is crazy talk? Wachovia Bank was caught laundering billions and billions and billions of drug money from Mexican Drug Cartels while the Obama Administration was running weapons to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel. The US government and the drug cartels were ‘one’.

Because Obama was embarrassed with his corruption and support of the drug cartels for a cut of the action, he shut down the investigation, but it remained controversial in the courts:

What does this have to do with you buying a house? Everything! The system is rigged and you get the short end of the stick.

You might consider doing an end run around the criminal banks and corrupt political system because everyone is getting payola from the president down to the bottom.

Take control of your own life and work directly with the owner of a house that simply wants to sell it to you. Many times there is no credit check and you’d be amazed at how many times you can buy property with nothing but a handshake with no credit check. Forget the banks, you don’t need them.

You can find FSBO, for sale by owner properties and buy a house, farm or business with no credit check. Look for phrases like, owner will carry, FSBO, for sale by owner, owner financing, seller financing, rent to own and lease to own, or buy home with lease option.

All of these methods require you to be educated for optimal results, but even with bad credit, you can start investing in equity in your home or homestead.

We are not lawyers and do not offer financial or legal advice, so consult your attorney and/or licensed financial consultant before moving forward in a real estate transaction, there a many pitfalls.