Buy a Home in Orlando with No Credit Check - No Banks

Enjoy Owner Financing in Orlando, Florida

Buy a For Sale by Owner Home with Seller Financing with No Credit Check

Many people own real estate, houses and farms free and clear. Like you, they see banks as a middleman just involved in the closing to make an easy cut of the profit. These FSBO, for sale by owner properties, are sellers that see no need for banks or red tape…they do business on a handshake.

Many buyers can meet the owners, be straight with them, and they can literally secure a farm, house or homestead that is worth every bit of the American Dream with no credit check. The current owners of the farm usually hold a warranty deed to the property with no note or mortgage, so they can strike a deal with you directly with no commercial loan or the hassles that go along with conventional home mortgages.

Some sellers will carry a mortgage  for a few years until you can get conventional financing once you have a good history of timely payments. Then, there are other seller that will carry your financing for decades. Many seller financed homes for sale have other sources of income, tend to live below their means, so this gives them the flexibility to offer you creative financing.

Over time, the sellers may begin to see you as a friend and not just a business transaction, so if you ever have a financial hardship, they may be more lenient in the timeliness of your payments.  If you maintain the house in excellent shape, then you remove their biggest fear, which would be for you to default and leave them with a home with thousands of dollars in needed repairs.

Staying open, honest and in constant contact with them is the best policy. Share a realistic strategy on how you can get caught up on payments. The worst thing you could do is to duck them. If you don’t return their phone calls or reply to emails for letters, then their goodwill towards you could evaporate.

So, if life has dealt you a bad hand and you have bad credit to show for it, FSBO properties where the owner will carry, may be the solution to owning your own home today.